Carton Board Trays

Jaymar has forged a reputation as the ‘go to’ company for carton board trays. All major supermarkets, from budget to exclusive, have a number of Jaymars retail shelf ready trays on display.
The quality of both print and production has resulted in a demand from a vast range of clients, from major manufactures to the smaller ‘artisan’ companies all wanting trays that can influence shelf presence and sales.

Tray styles available:

  • Hand erect tray & lid
  • Nested tray
  • Doublewall tray
  • Blockwall tray
  • 6 Corner Tray & Lid
  • 4 Cornered Tray
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4 Decades of Experience

Our experience in providing the highest quality packaging spans four decades.

Bespoke Design

Our expert in house design team will work with your business through all the design stages

Cost Effective

Jaymar offers the highest levels of quality and service giving your packaging budget the highest return.

Rapid Turnaround

Our production facility is equipped for both large and smaller print runs. Our packaging turnaround times will meet your demands.

Product Ranges

Our investment in printing technology and processes has enabled Jaymar to offer a full range of bespoke packaging solutions to suit all your product packaging needs.

Using our lithographic printing press, varnishes and advanced structural design techniques we are able to create cartonboard pieces that catch the eye.

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What some of our fabulous customers say…

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jaymar for over 10 years. Their attention to detail and the quality of work has been unmatched by other suppliers

Medical Provisionsproduct manager

Jaymar has always provided the right packaging solutions for my business. Its an absolute pleasure dealing with them.

Vehicle Parts Distributorpurchasing manager